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Last updated: May 2018

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Privacy Policy

We at the HEROES GAMES Reviews pride ourselves in the value and respect that we place on any and all of our customers’ information, whether pertaining to personal or financial details. We maintain strict policies in keeping all information either collected or given confidential and undisclosed unless given legal authority for release.

Use of information collected by the website or given with authorization

Any and all information collected by the website in the form of cookies and other similar types of data are used only to help improve our website and enhance its functionalities for the use of all our guests and existing customers.

Any details that may have been given to use of our customers’ own volition however will only be utilized for the following:

  • Fulfill transactions based on the services acquired.
  • Respond to requests regarding to any orders you may have made.
  • Send you updates regarding new and special products or promotional deals.


The acquisition of details pertaining to personal or financial information is secured via encryption before being transmitted. This is usually located on your browser’s address bar as an icon that symbolizes a lock, but it may depend on your chosen browser. While it ensures that you are and continue to remain protected online. We do however advise that you obtain a good antivirus or malware protection software.

If you have any other concerns relevant to your privacy, please contact us.

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We believe that the only way for any business to succeed is through the comments and suggestions of our valued customers. If you feel that there are areas of improvement that need attention, don’t hesitate to contact us via the details listed below

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions on this page applies to all services acquired from the HEROES GAMES Video Game Reviews. Before proceeding with the desired service, please read carefully through the information listed.

Video Game Reviews

We at the HEROES GAMES Video Game Reviews only provide comprehensive information and detailed analysis regarding a specific game of your choosing. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice and it is the responsibility of the user to keep him or herself updated by visiting our website.


We do not represent nor are we in any way, shape or form associated with video game developers or companies. While it may be profitable, we believe that any partnership can have negative effects on the unbiased and objective reviews of the HEROES GAMES Reviews and all of its employees.


Before any services can be rendered, the HEROES GAMES Reviews require a deposit of at least 30% of the cost. This way any cancellations can compensate the work that has already been done by our employees.


We currently only accept credit and debit cards as a means of taking your payment for your desired services. It can take 24-48 before the transaction can be completed.

Deals, Discounts & Membership

All of our deals, discounts and membership privileges are subject to change without prior notice. The management reserves the right to make any kind of modification it deems will help both the HEROES GAMES Video Game Reviews Company and its customers

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