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Title: Descent

Genre: Interactive Fiction

Mode(s): Single player

Developer(s): Paragon Software

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Android & IOS

ABOUT THE GAME: Descent is an interactive fiction video game developed by Paragon software for Microsoft Windows as well as the Android and IOS operating systems for mobile devices. It is regarded highly as the company’s best game, and tells the story of two freelance mercenaries who take up a contract from a mysterious client who offers a small fortune in exchange for their services and are thrust into a world of conspiracy and intrigue as a result.

GAMEPLAY: Not unlike all interactive fiction, gameplay is limited to text parsers although there is an option to use pre-defined choices instead to make the game much easier to play.

SOUND: Perhaps the most unique thing about Descent is that it actually does have both ambient sounds and music while playing which are elements that are uncommon in most games of the genre

VISUALS: Paragon Software went above and beyond to add remarkable artwork to compliment the amazing writing of Descent. Generally, most interactive fiction have little more than a black or blue background alongside the text.

SHOULD YOU GET THE GAME? You certainly should! For those who are fans of well-told stories with a lot of substance, Descent will not disappoint

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