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The HEROES GAMES Reviews is a website focused on giving comprehensive and in-depth reviews of various video game titles and systems to potential buyers so as to give them a better informed decision before they make a purchase.

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The industry today is rife with a multitude of different games, and it can be just a little overwhelming to know what to choose after all.

Objective and unbiased

Our excellent team reviews games objectively. We are not associated with any video game companies or developers and as such we take great pride in how we tackle each and every game without bias or pre-conceived notions.

From the common elements found in most video games today such as story, visuals, music and gameplay to bugs and glitches found, we are as thorough as we are passionate about what we do.


While most businesses are driven by profit, here at the HEROES GAMES Reviews it is our passion that fuels us to provide comprehensive analysis and a detailed look into the ins-and-outs of the newest video games and consoles in the market today.

We spend hours playing through the games and list down everything relevant that buyers should look out for.

Listed below are the services that we offer to better give you an idea of whether you should or should not by a particular game

Basic Reviews

$ 4.99

per game

Our basic reviews cover general information about a modern console video game that you may be interested in purchasing.

While we won’t necessarily go through it in its entirety, you’ll certainly have more than just a better idea of whether you will find the game in question to be enjoyable and worth your money or not

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Heroes Games Review Popular

$ 8.99

per game

For just an additional $4.00, we can provide a more comprehensive and in-depth review into all of the video game’s elements and nuances to give you a better informed decision as to whether it warrants a purchase or not.

While most video games are usually affordable, they certainly aren’t cheap. This will go a long way into minimizing any risks of potentially spending on a game that you may not necessarily like.

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Retro Reviews

$ 10.99

per game

In the video game industry today, more and more people have taken into collecting the classic games of old.

However, they can very well be much more expensive than their more modern counterparts and a pragmatic approach in the task will save you more money than you may think.

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Console Reviews Example

$ 14.99

per game

Video game consoles may not be exactly be inexpensive, but they are needed in order to play your favorite video games.

Not only will we review the consoles for you and give you both their pros and cons, but we can also give advice on whether or not it’s a better idea to get the current console or wait for its newer iteration.

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Please take note that all of our services are done online. The chosen review services will be sent to your email as a document outlining everything that the service entails upon the collection of the payment.


Kevin Nash

“The older we become, the more responsibilities we have to fulfill. In my case, work takes most, if not all of my time. What little time I do have for myself I try to spend on playing video games as they’ve become quite good stress relievers.

Since a lot of them can be quite expensive, it can be pretty tricky to know which titles to invest on. Thankfully, the guys at HEROES GAMES pointed me in the right direction and I’m more than happy with my purchases. Thanks, guys!”

Scott Hall

“Like most kids who had grown up in the 90s, my life had revolved solely around video games. Video games were a whole lot less complicated back in the day, and surprisingly still commands good price even today.

By sheer luck, I encountered HEROES GAMES Video Game Reviews and they gave me a detailed outline of what the best retro games are and where to get them for cheap.”

Paul Levesque

“My kids love video games and spend most of their waking hours in front of the TV. Since they’ve been getting excellent marks at school, I thought I would buy them new games to play with. Unfortunately, I had no clue what to get.

Thanks to HEROES GAMES Reviews, I was lead to exactly the kinds of games that my children enjoyed. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”

About Us

The HEROES GAMES Reviews is a small business comprised of no more than 10 employees with a passion for all things related to video game media.

Established in late 2017, we aim to provide those who share our common interests with detailed facts and information regarding the latest and best video games currently available in the market in a way that ensures that you get the best possible value for your money.

Because most similar websites today are often associated and even owned by the popular video game companies, their input can generally be misleading and biased. Our goal is to be the exception and provide everyone with good detailed video games reviews and analysis that will aid greatly in what games should and should not be purchased.

If you have any further inquiries on our services, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or call us at our hotline, +31 20 6766773, and we’ll be more than happy to fill you in.

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